Here at the End of All Things

Here, at the end of all things,
there is naught but darkness around me.
Ruin, destruction,
ash, fire, smoke.
Towers are falling,
mountains cracking
battlements crashing.
The sky is full of fire.
It is over...
It is the end
and yet...

I feel peace.
It is gone...
and I am free!
There is no darkness, no heavy weight,
no ring of fire nor searing Eye!
Gone, yes, it is gone.
Unmade. Destroyed.

Now, I can see light.
I see sunlight on the Shire-grass,
glittering in the river-water,
rippling, swaying, flowing.
I can remember the taste of strawberries
I remember what it was like
to run free over the grass.

Here, there is fire and ash and darkness
but in my heart there is peace, joy, light.
Nothing else matters now.

I am glad you are with me, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things...

- Frodo Baggins