Last Journey of the Dwarf.

A grey ship rocks beside the quay

the last grey ship to go away

into the west, across the sea

the queen of golden trees to see.

Two elven hands now steer the ship

two dwarven hands the railing grip

and in one hand, a-glow with light

three strands of hair lie, golden-white.

Keen elven eyes of bluest depth

unerring find the sunlit path

the straight way only elven-led

vessels ever dared to tread.

Yet now a dwarf too rides the way

because of love that none can sway

an elf has said that he must come

and he is bound for Elvenhome.

And when the grey mist sweeps away

and grey ship draws up by the quay

the dwarf shall step ashore, and see

the golden queen across the sea.

- Frodo Baggins