Breath of Life


I feel a shred of life

creeping through my limbs.

Water, flowing gently,

all about me,

caressing me,

like Arwen’s soft touch.

Lapping against me soothingly,

it carries me to shore,

and leaves me there.


dully aching,

heavy weariness

I feel it all over.

Ah, how hard it is,

to survive.

Then, her voice

softly speaking,

her gentle lips

touching mine.

May the grace of the Valar

protect you. . .

Slowly, I open my eyes,

and she is there,

her loving, deep blue eyes,

gazing into mine.

She smiles;

her love

envelopes me.

Arwen, vanimelda dearest,

I will survive.
- Frodo Baggins