Song of Arwen

Far you are wandering

a long way from me

your destiny, is calling you.

I stand here, and my heart longs for you

among the falling leaves.

The light of the Evenstar

I placed in your hand

it is mine to give, it is yours to keep.

Autumn falls upon my people

they are leaving these shores.

Leaving for fair Eressea

where their hearts will find rest.

And those I hold dear

are with them departing.

My heart fills with sorrow

my eyes, with tears.

Like slow-falling leaves

they slide down my cheeks.

Every step I take is filled with grief

every thought I think is linked to sorrow.

But I have chosen my path

a mortal life will be mine.

To you will I bind myself

Aragorn of the Dunedain.

Though I must leave the land of my heart

I will love you forever and truly.

I will wait for you, and I will hope.

My heart will stay faithful to you.

For your path have I chosen

to live, and at last to die

for though the price is heavy

that to be gained is greater.

I will wait for the days when we will be together

for the days when we will share the same life.

The Darkness does not hold sway yet

not over you, and not over me.

The Darkness cannot win.

Only hope, and courage, and goodness can win.

But even were all else faded and dead

still, I would love you with all my heart.

- Frodo Baggins