Leave Me Alone

Leave me alone, you snake!
Subtle, sharp fangs dripping poison,
you seek to overcome me with your power,
like you have done to others whom you have bitten.
Your forked tongue destroyed
the strength
of our King.

You desire me for yours, I see it clearly,
In your bleary, poisoned, heavy-lidded eyes.
Slithering creature, who has destroyed so much
Do you think I would love you?
You have destroyed so much good.
By your hand
our kingdom falls.

False worm, I will have nothing of you.
I will not be yours, I will not listen to you.
Your words are poison, I have seen it already
Dark, brooding creature, guileful, treacherous,
to my house you have brought ruin and sorrow.
You long in vain.
Leave me alone.
- Frodo Baggins