The Sword of Theoden

- The Foe Hammer
In the Riddermark, known as Rohan.
Theoden ruled over the Rohirrim.
A fierce brave people with sturdy mounts,
in battle on them, one could always count.

But Theoden was poisoned by one foul voice,
who caused him to make many a wrong choice.
But deeper than damage caused by his word,
was when Grima hid the brave King's sword.

Herugrim was this fine blade's name,
and many an enemy's life it did claim.
When Gandalf removed the worm from the hall,
for Herugrim did King Theoden call.

To the Hornburg he brought it to hold back the tide,
and defend his people sheltered inside.
And when time came later to sally forth,
the blade did prove its valuable worth.

Both Uruk and Orc it smote that day,
and sent Saruman's armies running away.
When Theoden followed to Isengard,
he still had his sword and was on his guard.

That battle soon ended in the hands of the Ents,
and back to Rohan, Theoden went.
But the Red Arrow there he did receive
for Gondor needed Rohan's relief.

So the Rohirrim rode to the Pelennor Fields,
and Sauron's forces began to yield.
Theoden led with Herugrim flashing,
against orcish blades and whips lashing.

But the final fate of this great lord,
could not be decided by a mighty sword.
For Nazgul fear fell upon his steed,
and Theoden's calming it would not heed.

Though the people lost their King that day,
his bravery was most remembered they say.
For whenever the odds may seem quite slim,
they think of Theoden standing tall with Herugrim.