A Sword Reborn

- The Foe Hammer
Narsil was forged in the First Age,
or so we're told by wise old sage.
But we hear no more of it until,
it was wielded by King Elendil.

Its burning light did fail we know,
when the King fought Sauron long ago.
It broke when Elendil's life did yield,
its shards were left upon the field.

But Isildur picked up a shard,
and struck a blow both brave and hard.
For Sauron's finger it did take,
and Ring and Lord did separate.

The Shards were carried away from there,
so not to forget who was the heir.
And when the Dark Lord returned for war,
Narsil was beckoned forth once more.

The one true heir, Lord Aragorn,
swore that the shards would be reborn.
He had the sword forged once again,
and Anduril became its name.

He wielded the sword through many a fight,
and we saw once again its shining light.
And later when we saw the end of the Ring,
Anduril returned with Gondor's King.