- The Foe Hammer
For those who know of the Hobbit's story,
There and Back Again brought great glory.
For not only did Bilbo find the ring,
but a Gondolin knife that he named Sting.

At first he named not this wonderous blade,
but to him a fine short sword it made.
While carrying it, he had much less fear,
for it shined blue when Orcs were near.

With it by his side he crawled deep down,
to Gollum's lake near Goblin-town.
And if it were not with him that day,
Gollum may not have paused to play.

And later when Bilbo's friends were caught
by spider webs both sticky and taut,
the blade cut through like so much butter,
and angered the spiders to spit and sputter.

But with the Ring's cloak to hide his place,
he wielded the blade and gave the spiders chase.
The spiders learned to fear his sting,
especially when combined with a magic ring.

So the blade was named late in its life,
and saw Bilbo through any future strife.
When his days of wandering were through,
he passed it on to his nephew.

The adventures of Frodo are another story,
but the blade factored heavy in his future glory.
Though to some the blade would appear quite small,
Sting accomplished great tasks after all.