The Shield

- The Foe Hammer

He rode north gallantly on borrowed mount,
to find the answer to Gondor’s woes,

And came through dangers none can count,

A shield he carried to fend off blows.

And when he left on council’s road,

he traveled hard on frozen track.

Though burdened with a heavy load,

the shield he carried on his back.

In Moria, in Khazad-Dum,

The orcs and trolls came out to kill,

But he did not here meet his doom,

He turned their blades with shield and skill.

When faced with Elvish Lady fair,

Our friend feared more than e’er before.

No shield could stop her piercing stare,

That saw deep into his heart’s core.

And when camped at Amon Hen’s sod,

The shield served as a warning sign,

That Frodo’s absence was quite odd,

and shield’s owner’s plans were less benign.

But the owner realized his fault,

And sought to rectify his strife,

But shield was not enough to halt,

the arrows that soon took his life.

They sent him last over water’s crest,

With his own weapons and his foes.

And shield they laid upon his chest,

So it can serve him e’er he goes.