My Ranger Friend 

- The Foe Hammer

(Dedicated to Anborn1)

My Ranger friend travelled far and wide,
wearing skins of cattle hide.
He travelled over hill and dale,
and soon began to smell quite stale.

He came upon a village fair,
and inquired of the facilities there.
No public bath was there to use,
and the private owners all refused.

So away from there he did quickly go,
and chanced upon an orcish foe.
The orc came close to start the bout,
but the Ranger's stench soon knocked him out.

So later when he came upon a lake,
there was a choice he had to make.
To carry with him this new power,
or wash his clothes and take a shower.

So if you chance upon my friend,
and his stench you soon think does offend.
Don't judge him unfairly or be unkind,
for a "stronger" weapon we can't find.