Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver

- The Foe Hammer
Gondolin forged many powerful blades,
but Orcrist was one most finely made.
We are unsure of its history,
its path to the trolls a mystery.

A dwarven king returning home,
took up the sword and made it his own.
Thorin used the blade to fight his way,
from Goblin-Town to light of day.

Biter, the orcs did call this knife,
before it swung and took their life.
It shown a bright clear shade of blue,
As other elven weapons do.

When the dwarves became prisoners of the elves,
the Elven King kept it for himself.
But in the end both king's would say,
they regretted the way they acted that day.

When brave Thorin met his final call,
they laid him to rest in dwarven hall.
When the Elven King paid his last respects,
he laid Orcrist upon his chest.

There it still lays until this day,
and those who live in Erebor say.
That if a foe should still pass near,
The Goblin-Cleaver shines both bright and clear.