I Thought I Knew

- The Foe Hammer
I thought I knew where I was going,
into grave danger with my friends.
But I came to know what a wizard told me,
"Even the wise can't see all ends."

Had I but seen the road ahead,
I might have feared to leave the Shire.
And though I may have been spared dread,
I'd never have become Theoden's squire.

I may not have longed to see the face,
of viscious orcs or wicked kings.
But then I would have missed the grace,
of the Rohirrim army as it sings.

And maybe this pain in my sword arm,
would not still hurt me to this day.
But then the Lady might have come to harm,
and her golden hair would have fallen grey.

So though I did not know the end,
as no one knows when at the start,
I'm glad I travelled with my friends,
and added some new ones to my heart.