Ballad of the Three Hunters

- The Foe Hammer
The hunters sped to find the trail.
They searched and searched to little avail.
An elven brooch dropped by their friend.
Gave a little hope of a happy end.

Then soon they met many riders on horse.
A message they had to warn of the course.
If they ventured into the forest ahead.
Their first encounter might leave them dead.

For roaming these woods in humble disguise.
Was the treacherous foe who planned their demise.
But they chose to ignore the generous warning.
And headed inward the very next morning.

The encounter they feared was soon quite apparent
But the foe disappeared as if only transparent.
But later upon a new days light.
They discovered beyond hope Gandalf the White.

He told them their friends were free from harm.
And that it was no longer their quest to perform.
With haste they must travel to the lands of Rohan.
To mobilize the armies against Saruman.