Grishnak's Fate

- The Foe Hammer

A Somewhat Silly Orc Poem

I'm only trying to do my job,
and keep the prize from that Uruk slob.
But if these urchins think they're smart,
I'll put my blade right through their heart.

This one here seems to know what I seek,
for about the prize it seems to speak.
If I could find it and get away,
I'll live to fight another day.

These Isengarders are fools to fight,
against mounted riders, even at night.
Not I you see, for I'm no fool,
I live by my own golden rule.

Now lets just see what he's got here,
as my pawing makes him tremble with fear.
Just one more spot to check I think,
and I'll be rid of this one's elvish stink.

Wait! There's nothing here at all,
This creature was only trying to stall.
Well maybe I'll feed him to my warg,
Owww! Now, what's that, a spear? Oh! Aaaaarrrrrgh!