Glamdring the Foe Hammer

- The Foe Hammer
Glamdring, was forged by Gondolin smith,
and Turgon won many battles with.
But then it fell out of our view,
as things of power sometimes do.

How it came to a band of trolls,
no one today can claim to know.
But they were not to keep it long,
to do their deeds both cruel and wrong.

By one kind-hearted and honor-bound,
the sword was destined to be found.
In his great hands the sword reborn,
to help a world by battle worn.

Beater sent many goblins to their fate,
including one that they called great.
But it will be remembered more,
for its role in the Ring-Bearer's War.

At Khazad-Dhum it stood the flame,
and demons life it soon did claim.
It was returned with valiant bearer,
to win the fight against fear and terror.

Its future role is not yet clear,
as it left Middle-Earth with Mithrandir.
So when you think of swords of power,
do not forget Foe-Hammer's hour.