An Ode to Gimli and Legolas

- The Foe Hammer

The elf came from Mirkwood's palace hall,
the son of the King and an archer skilled.
the dwarf from Erebor heard the call,
his axe had many a goblin killed.

In Rivendell they joined a quest,
to rid the land of an evil thing,
and their prejudice was put to the test,
as they journeyed with he who bore the ring.

The elf named Legolas had much doubt,
that dwarves thought of anything but wealth,
they were stubborn, rude, ale-drinking louts,
that lacked even an elvish child's stealth.

The dwarf named Gimli doubted much as well,
about the princely elf and his worthiness,
for they once held his father in a dark dank cell,
and put his people through much duress.

But when they entered Lorien's safe fold,
the dwarf's eye for beauty was born anew.
He cared much less for mithril and gold,
after the lady came into his view.

His words of love and newfound respect,
filled his elvish companion with surprise.
For the dwarvish people in retrospect,
had more manners than he did surmise.

As they traveled together from thence forth,
the bond between them grew quite strong.
For each learned of the others worth,
and how their perceptions were all wrong.

In Helm's Deep they did get to see,
how deeply each was battle skilled.
they made a a contest of this melee,
by keeping count of the Orcs they killed.

And though Gimli beat him by one score,
Legolas was not at all let down,
for what he wanted even more,
was to see his friend safe and sound.

And they made a pact that very night,
that if this quest ended for good,
they would travel together and see the sights
of Helm's deep caverns and Fangorn wood.

So if initially I think someone is a clod,
without truly knowing all that they are,
I think of Legolas and Gimli once at odds,
now traveling together somewhere afar.