An Ode to the Fellowship of the One

- The Foe Hammer

They all live in different corners of the world,
whether old or young, boy or girl.
they come to this site each in their fashion,
to share with one another this One great passion.

Be it thoughts on the movie or on the book,
they give us more aspects from which to look.
And inklings and poems they love to create,
for others to read, their hearts to elate,

The friendship they find causes them to share,
findings of treasures both precious and rare,
or humorous stories of their personal life,
that help us better handle our real world strife.

So this poem is written to help us reflect,
on all the joys we've come to expect.
From this board thats provided by our own Fan Club,
that centers around the books and movies we love.

And to all its members who are now my new friends,
that offer me encouragement, support without end.
I will never be the same now that I've come here,
so accept this as tribute to all my friends dear.