An Ode to Elrond from Merry's Journal

- The Foe Hammer
Elder than most earthly kings,
Wiser than a sage,
Elrond Half-Elven served Middle-Earth,
Through the end of the Third Age.

He helped our Master Bilbo,
When he ventured to the east,
And welcomed him and thirteen dwarves,
To a mirth-filled springtime feast.

But more than just a gracious host,
His greatness soon would prove,
For he showed them on the map they held,
How the dragon’s door would move.

And later on our own dire quest,
He helped hobbits once again,
For he sent his House to rescue us,
And put Frodo on the mend.

In Council later that same year,
He helped decide the course,
to drop the Ring in the crack of doom,
for better or for worse.

Now some say it was wisdom,
and some say it was luck,
but only he knows why he sent,
a Took and Brandybuck.

And last but certainly not least,
He helped more than we understand,
When he brought our Masters Bagginses,
unto the Undying Lands.

So let us all remember,
(as if one could forget),
the greatest King of Elvendom,
this hobbit has ever met.