Deagol's Poem

- The Foe Hammer
Sitting in a boat,
on a quiet lake,
I sit with my brother,
hoping a fish to take.

I feel a little nibble,
that turns into a bite,
if I can reel this big one in,
we'll eat real good tonight!

The fish is way too strong,
and pulls me in and down,
and soon I know I must let go,
or alas I just might drown.

I look for the light above,
to start my swim to shore,
but my eye is drawn to something,
that is shining on the floor.

I reach and grab this treasure,
it seems such a precious thing.
But not until I reach the bank,
do I see that its a ring.

Its calling me, it knows my name,
and its beauty now is shown.
And now I know for evermore,
I must keep it for my own!

But brother comes and sees it,
and wants it for a gift,
The Ring is calling him I hear,
and its creating quite a rift.

He wants it too, I know he does,
he reaches, but I move,
this prize beyond all prizes,
is too great for me to lose.

I must retreat, I must escape,
but jump on me he does.
He squeezes me and steals my breath,
this brother that I love.

But as I pass into the dark,
one thing I clearly see,
This Ring that I have found and lost,
has lost its hold on me!