Does He Blame Me?

- The Foe Hammer

Does he blame me for my dream,
that came to me in dark of night?
For in my deepest heart it seems,
that his love for me has suffered blight.

Did he want me to travel forth,
and find the answer to the rhyme?
And if I did for what its worth,
would my brother's fate be mine?

Or will he blame me for the choice
I made when ranging in the wild?
But how could I have been the voice,
that broke the quest of one so mild?

The blame I take upon myself,
regardless of its deepest source.
For neither man, dwarf, nor elf,
can change their fate from its true course.

But if I could just reach his heart,
with acts of truth and bravery.
Perhaps at least in little part,
I may restore his love for me.