Bill the Pony

- The Foe Hammer

When the hobbits left Bree on their journey.
They obtained a pony from Bill Ferny.
Sam, not knowing if it was best.
Gave him Ferny's first name as a jest.

Stout Bill did carry many a load,
as the hobbits traveled down the road.
When Frodo was wounded by a dark blade,
Bill was willing to lend his aid.

He carried Frodo as best he could,
till a faster horse was met in the woods.
He made it with Sam to Rivendell,
and the elves of course did treat him well.

And when the Nine left to carry the ring,
Sam wanted Bill with more than anything.
But when they passed into Moria's door,
Bill and Sam could be together no more.

It broke Sam's heart to let him go,
but the leaders said that it should be so.
Their hope was that Bill would find his way back,
to Bree along some safer track.

Sam traveled we know for a very long way,
but returned to Bree again one day.
Of all the news Sam heard both great and small,
finding Bill alive was the greatest of all.

So when your friends travel on separate roads,
remember what this story bodes.
You may yet get to see them still,
as Sam found out with a pony named Bill.