The Axe of Gimli

- The Foe Hammer
When Elrond formed a council wise,
he sought all people free and true.
Though dwarves may elves sometimes despise,
he included the folk of Durin too.

Gimli, son of Gloin was there,
and hearkened to the tales of old.
He boldly was the first to dare,
to crush the Dark Lord's ring of gold.

The axe he used burst into shards,
and left him laying on his back.
for destruction would be much more hard,
since the ring must be cast in Doom's crack.

The axe that Gimli broke apart,
was not the warrior's own we guess.
Since shortly after with stout heart,
he swore his axe to Frodo's quest.

This axe he may have given name,
though Gimli never spoke it loud.
It needed none to claim its fame,
or make the dwarven people proud.

For when in Moria's deep pit,
Gimli wielded it with skill.
He removed many Orcish heads with it,
and still he had not had his fill.

He brought it with to the Deeping Wall,
in Helm's Deep where his help was sought.
And all of Rohan still recall,
how bravely dwarf with axe had fought.

He kept the axe's tally there,
so with the elf he could compete.
But in the victory they did share,
and nothing ever felt so sweet.

Now Gimli's paths went far afield,
and some of them were filled with dread.
But his axe he would always bravely wield,
and continue to leave Sauron's servants dead.

So if you spot one of the dwarven folk,
using an axe to chop some wood.
Do not assume much fun to poke,
but if you do, "duck", for your own good