The Light Beyond the Western Seas

Our time is soon to end
Upon this land I called home,
From the days of Beleriand
When tree and brush and loam
Grew where now is the sundered seas.
And the days when Morgoth ruled the wastes of the north,
The time when the Valar heard our pleas,
And their army against Morgoth was sent forth.
From the days when Men ruled the Seas in Numenor,
When Men viewed the Western Light.
They were torn forever from the Light in Valinor,
When they sailed West despite promised plight.
From the days when land was lost beneath the waves,
And the days when the Rings were made,
When the Dark Lord forged the One in Orodruin's fiery caves,
In which his Dark Power was laid.
From the days when the One was lost,
And when the Halfling bore the burden east,
Through wood, hill, mountain, and mine past Belegost.
Into the Shadow and near became a feast
For Ungoliant's offspring.
When the white wizard and kings of Men united once more,
To battle with the Witch King,
And stand one last time against the Lieutenant of Barad-dur.
When the Halfling and his companion destroyed the Ring,
And Sauron fell utterly defeated.
Yet the burden had its toll, and the Halfling felt its sting,
And when to Valinor he retreated.

Now is the time of Men in Middle-Earth, and I must leave its shores.
I come to the Grey Havens beyond the White Towers through misty moors.
With one last look at the place I have called home,
I turn to the Western Light that draws me back to my true home.
The Light beyond the Western Seas guides me through wave and foam,
So I can now come home.

- Flame of Thangorodrim