A Proper 1420

Poetry Contest Third Place Winner
LotR Object: Ale brewed in 1420

Rich, tasty, smooth and brown,
In a pool of ale I want to drown.
A hard day's work deserves the best,
A proper 1420 is what I need to rest.

Whether the rooster is a-crowing,
Whether the storm is a-blowing,
I hide my problems in this mug of ale,
And drink it all before the malt is stale.

Long at home on a winter's eve,
To the Dragon do I take my leave,
Trudging through the snow aplenty,
To get to my warm fourteen-twenty.

Sloshing, swishing, spinning, turning about,
Three cheers for the ale with a hearty shout!
There's nothing quite like mulling things over
A 1420 recalling days when I used to rover!
Telling tales of the traveling Heroes Four
They will be remembered in Hobbit Lore.
In 1420 were the days when crops grew tall,
And the best ale in the Shire was made that fall!
- Flame of Thangorodrim