Found Poetry by Female Frodo

From Many Meetings in FOTR

"Have you got it here?"
Bilbo put out his hand.
A strange reluctance...
"It looks the same as ever it did."
Slowly he drew it out.

A shadow fallen between them.

A hungry face
A desire to strike
Bony groping hands
No longer Bilbo.
"Put it away!"

The Ring about his neck
"I am sorry."

Found at the very, very end of "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum" in FOTR

Doom, doom, doom
They fled

Doom, doom, doom
Drumbeats rolled behind
They ran swifter,
Through huge broken doors.

Doom, doom
Blazing light
The threshold of Moria.
They looked back...

Grief at last overcame.

The drumbeats faded.
- Female Frodo