The One Ring

LotR Object: The one Ring

Once long ago,
When Gollum was still a Store,
He came upon the One Ring,
And he craved it more and more.

Gollum took the Ring,
And fled to the Mountain of Mist.
In his cave of darkness,
"My Precious!" Gollum hissed.

Then one day when Orc hunting,
Gollum lost the Ring,
And a little Hobbit named Bilbo,
Found this dreadful thing.

Bilbo wandered through the cave,
To the edge of Gollum's lake.
Lost in the dark with the One Ring,
wondering which path to take.

Gollum found Bilbo and proposed a game of riddles,
To this Gollum planned to be the winner,
Thinking this fat little Hobbit,
Would make a wonderful dinner.

As you well know,
Gollum lost the game.
"But," thought Gollum slyly,
"I'll take my prize just the same!"

Gollum jumped into his boat,
And paddled through the gloom,
Looking among the fish bones,
For the Ring of Doom.

When Gollum could not find the Ring,
He let out a shriek,
And turned with angry eyes when Bilbo asked,
"What is it that you seek?"

Gollum was suspicious,
He knew had his Ring,
A little Hobbit named Bilbo,
The wretched, tricksy thing!

Gollum paddled over the lake,
As fast as he possibly could.
He'd get that nasty Hobbit,
"Yesss," Gollum was sure he would.

Bilbo saw Gollum coming,
He knew he had to flee,
But, when he hit a snag and tripped,
Gollum didn't see.

The Ring was on Bilbo's finger,
Looking at it he wondered how it could be,
That Gollum went right passed him,
"And he didn't even see me?"

Gollum went up the path,
His eyes shining cold,
Among the endless  muttering
The Ring's secret he unknowingly told.

"So this Ring is magic,
It makes me disappear from sight."
Thought Bilbo as Gollum counted the doors they passed,
"6 left, 7 right."

Here Gollum stopped,
In the doorway he began to weep,
"In it's nasty little pocketses,
The Ring he will keep."

Bilbo was at the exit,
He could kill Gollum on the way,
But something inside him,
made Bilbo's hand stay.

Instead, Bilbo leaped over Gollum,
In his hand was Sting,
His other hand in his pocket,
Clutching the One Ring.