A Lost Friend

LotR Object: Frodo's walking stick

My walking stick,
It's always in my hand,
Keeping step with my feet,
As I wander to a distant land.

It was with me when I left Bag End.
Sam had his and I mine,
Walking through a field,
The weather was so fine!

It was there when Gandalf left,
On his big brown mare.
It was with me at night in the woods
As the wind whipped my curly hair.

It was with me in Maggot cornfield,
When I leaned on it looking at Sam with care.
But then, Sam and I were pushed over
By someone who appeared out of nowhere!

"Look Merry, it's Frodo!"
Said young Mr. Took,
As Merry handed Sam some carrots
And gave me a funny look.

Farmer Maggot and his dogs came running,
And we all hurried in a line.
It was then, my friend,
That I left my walking stick behind.

Now I wander through Mordor,
Oh, how I miss my walking cane!
But I left it in Maggot's cornfield
And I'll never see it again.