What is a Friend?

- Faramirgirl

I know that everyone thinks that Frodo was the hero in the movie and he was, because of the burden that he had carried with the ring, but what I am looking at the hero that no-one thinks about. This poem is on how Frodo felt about Sam. I hope that I had gotten down how Frodo had really felt about Sam.

What is a friend?

Someone who would follow you into danger
Someone who would save yourself from yourself

Someone who doesn't walk behind or in front of you but beside you
Someone who is loyal and forever true

Someone who would walk through the fire of death for you
Someone who is not afaird to tell you what he thinks

Someone who will stand by your side and not forsake you
Someone who will put his life down for you

Someone who will not allow you to give up hope
Someone who will carry you when the load gets to heavy

Someone who carries a sence of humor
Someone who can make you laugh

Someone who will be there to catch you when you fall
Someone who will put you ahead of his own needs

What is a Friend?
Samwise Gamgee