What is Family?

- Faramirgirl

Frodo and Merry and Pippin are family and together they had faced danger. They were all separated at one time or the other in the movies but they were never far from each others thoughts. They loved and worried about each other. So I am trying to catch the meaning of what family meant to them. But Sam was also family to them even if it wasn't by blood.

What is family?

Family is someone who will always be there
Family is someone who will listen to you when you need to talk

Family is someone who you can trun to when things get bad
Family is someone who will not judge you

Family is somone who will stand up for you
Family is someone who will be there when you call

Family is someone who no matter where you go, you know you can count on family
Family is someone who is in you heart, and when you are down you can think about them

Family may be far away, but they are forever in your heart
Family is not always blood, but someone who cares for you just the same

Family is those who will stand by you no matter what you do
Family is someone who is willing to go the extra mile with you

Family to the Hobbits race is love, loyalty and standing behind each other
Family to the Hobbits is watching out for each other, even the gardener.

Family is Bilbo taking in Frodo after his mom and dad dead
Family is your best friend

Family is taking on an adventure together
Family is facing the unknown together

What is family?
Family is Frodo, Merry, Pippin, and even Sam