Daughter of Rohan

- Fan Forever

In the dim light of dawn you came,
offered him in silence a last cup that he shared
You stared at his lips touching the cold rim
and his eyes met the burning of your heart
It was not cold that made your hand shake
as you pleaded with him to accept your sword
But his resolve never failed
and in vain you begged,
last resort beyond your thinking

Long you remained
Tall and fierce, stone and steel,
your golden hair shining in the bitter wind
your eyes gazing upon your fathers‚ land.
Tears of ice in the cold morning
burned your face, your heart lacerated
For no greater pain could his denial cause
no wound as raw could any sword inflict you

O Eowyn, daughter of Rohan
virgin maid clad as a Rider,
you seek to die in honour
So fierce and so proud
forgetting hope, denying life
you will keep your secret
and you will meet your fate.