Endless Days

- Fan Forever

Endless days have passed
under the blessed stars,
as I wandered for ages
in the depths of these woods,
weaver of our souls.
Here, the skies remember our promise,
my love,
silent eternity that speaks our desire.

Time leaves scars in the wake of our days,
and I see, it awaits me at the turn of my fate.
But how can it trouble me,
when the wind carries your song
and the earth tells of your path?
Yet, for all the endless days,
and if years do not touch me
I do breathe and I live
oh, my love!
And I know,
when the time comes,
when my hands shall meet yours,
and our flesh shall be one
only then will I find what my heart has yearned for
in the empty aching hours of our long lost years.

So come, my love,
and let us bond our lives again
For now a star has reached you
as the night
salutes your passage
with a thousand more,
here, in these woods,
for a little while.