Maiden Fair

- Faithwalker

A poem of Gimli to Galadriel

There is a Fair Maid
in whom the beauty of creation
rests gently upon her gracious form

There is a Young Maid whose comliness
causes the brightness of the sun to dim in respect
as if kneeling in submission to honor her.

There is a Woman who posseses such joy
that the clouds part and disperse at her presence
and at the hearing of the song that dwells
within the depths of her heart.

There is a Lady to whom the four winds
still themselves when she speaks
for the breath of her words holds command over them

There is a Lady, fairest,
in whom the height, depth, and breadth
of grace and of mercy, cannot be measured
nor fully comprehended at a mere glance or long study
for it increases with each breath she draws.

To know her is to be standing in the presence of a treasure uncountable,
and as if willingly drowning in an ocean of deep blessings.

Only the true of heart can endure her
and the rest flee
for the peril that dwelt within their hearts before meeting her
will overcome them
and the truth of their desires will be revealed.

For so it is with those who dwell in darkness
thinking dark thoughts and doing dark deeds
and then they meet the Lady of Light
who is called