Forbidden ,Yet Unchained

Uncertain in the firelight, she offers me her soul.
Fire flickers. Embers stirred to flame.
Eyes without feeling, grey as tears,
A window through her disbelieving soul,
That do not, will not, cannot let herself believe in love.

Graceful in the firelight, she bears the cup to me.
Golden chalice, overflowing.
White hands clasp tight the offering.
And silent, save slow beating heart I stand.
Distance insurmountable divides us.
Yet she, still proud, defies the bonds of desolate propriety.

Beautiful in the firelight, she stands.
And offers me in solemn sacrifice, herself
Gift too great for my unyeilding mind to bear.
And in the silence now are many things.
Things beautiful, and aching, yearning, true.
Unwilling though we are to recognise it.
Our hands meet as I take the cup from her,
Forbidden, yet unchained.

I accept her offering and with our eyes alone,
We are taken, held, bound tight, unasking and afraid.
Silent in the firelight, our eyes alone embrace,
Drink deep, and take their leave.

- Evermind