Ulmo Bears Him Home

For Boromir

Grey ship, mist-shrouded, a silent dream,
Brave fallen lapped in the flowing stream,
Small instrument in a timeless theme,
Now Ulmo bears him home.

Grey elven boat that few may see,
Through broken lands and memory,
Towards the bright undying sea,
Now Ulmo bears him home.

Small boat that rides the roaring falls,
Where the west wind, ever plaintive calls,
Bright air vanquishes the darkness' pall,
And Ulmo bears him home.

Arrayed in death's sweet bitter pride,
Great deeds of valour, darkness defied,
Grey wanderer on the swelling tide,
Where Ulmo bears him home.

Far over falls of roaring gold,
Past shinning walls wrought by men of old,
The shadow upon him releases it's hold,
And Ulmo bears him home.

- Evermind