Eowyn's Sacrifice

She never watched the morning rising,
Never felt the fresh dawn breeze,
But oft she would watch the sun's dying,
Kindling fire in the swaying trees.
She never felt the spring unfolding,
Or danced amid the summer blooms,
But oft she felt the cold dew falling,
Midst evermind on aged tombs.
She never heard the birds' first greeting,
Never watched the eagle fly,
But oft she heard the children weeping,
Oft she watched a loved one die.
She never knew the power of laughter,
Never saw the lillies grow,
But oft she would watch the leaves falling,
The branches bent beneath the snow.
And in these moments, she felt the loss
Of everything that had been missed,
So used to feeling the spirit sink,
She had not felt her own heart's wish.

- Evermind