The Rumor Of My King

- Evermind

This came about when I was thinking of Eowyn, and how Aragorn never spoke to her once between the time he left for the Paths of the Dead, and (in the book) her engagement. For all Eowyn knew, he might have died there.

They say that he passed the doors of the dead,
And the traitors answered his call.
Yet I would he had answered my pleading,
When he rode from the golden hall.

They say that he saved my people,
And by his hand the battle was won.
Yet I would he had ridden beside my King,
To lie slain in the new dawning sun.

They say he hath saved many lives this day,
The Holdwine's, The Steward's and my own.
Yet I would he had waited beside me,
Not left me to waken alone.

They say he is bold and courageous,
And his virtues are wondrous to see.
yet I would he had taken the trouble
To exchange one last word with me.

They say he hath ridden away again,
To a war that can never be won.
Yet again he hath left me alone and caged,
To be mocked by the cheerless sun.

They say he defeated the darkness,
And that they will crown him their King.
Yet I would he had come to release me,
That I also his praises might sing.

They say now that on the morrow,
He will marry his elven queen.
Yet I care not that I am forsaken,
For a greater love have I seen.