"We Shall not meet again"


We are old, my friends.
We who were old ere the sun was wrought
Or the moon first sailed.
"It is long, long since we met by stock or by stone."

Five thousand times have the leaves been renewed
Leaves unfolding with the green of Spring.
They shall not be renewed again.
"A vanimar, vanimalion nostari!"

Five thousand times have the trees bourne fruit
Golden with the blessings of Summer.
Now trees stand barren in the rain
"It is sad that we should meet only thus at the ending."

Five thousand times have the red leaves fallen,
Autumn flames red-gold before it dies.
Rowan trees lie slain beneath golden crowns.
"For the world is changing."

Five thousand times has winter shed it's bitter tears,
And branches have bent beneath the snow.
A wind blows chill about the forest.
"I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air."

Forests may grow and trees may spread,
But we shall not.
The guardians shall pass.
"I do not think that we shall meet again."


Always in Spring the leaves have grown
But no more.
The forests will fall.
"I do not know, eldest."


Golden were the flowers of Laurelindorenan
And I twined them in a fading crown.
Summer will not come again.
"Not in middle-earth."

Leaves turn to gold and are loosed upon the wind.
All are failing.
The withering of all woods is drawing nigh.
"Not until the lands that lie under the wave are lifted up."

Winter has turned sap into ice,
And now all is frozen.
Our final eventide has come.
"Then in the willow meads of Tasarinan we may meet in the Spring."

Farewell my friend.
Remember the time when there were only stars.
My heart tells me that we shall not meet again.

- Evermind