No Longer Stands

- Evermind

No longer stands the tower of guard
Minas Tirith, broken, marred
in fallen tumbled ruin lies
dead Gondor neath the starry skies
No longer stands Ecthellion's tower,
the white tree and the shinning flower,
now broken, shattered, withered see
the burned bones of the fair white tree
No longer stands the throne of Kings,
Lost is the crown of silver wings,
The seeing stones, consumed in fire,
Upon old Gondor's final pyre
No longer Gondor's death knell tolls,
But grey as tears, the river rolls,
Which once ran red with sunset's glow,
In dead Gondor of long ago.
No longer stands the dome of stars,
No twisted beams or tortured spars
Now mark Osgiliath's river grave,
Or those of warriors, fair and brave.
No longer live the great of old,
memories now that few still hold.
Gondor and Arnor of long ago,
Where battles were fought, now grasses grow.
No longer Elfstone and Evenstar
the King and Queen of Gondor are,
In days of yore died King Estel,
Where Arwen wanders, none can tell.
No more her kindred's song she hears,
who shed for her unnumbered tears,
Before they sailed for fairer shore,
And left her world of fading lore.