Thorongil's Song of Morwen

- Evermind

“Forth rode the queen, fearless avenger,
Fate before her, eagle following.
Like the sun in splendour, her shining tresses,
A banner flying free and keen
In the wind of the plains, merciless goddess,
Her sword upraised in the swelling of wrath.

Forth rode the queen, darkness defying,
Death enticing, despair forgotten.
Onward rode she, black tide breaching,
Her white charger, fighting, reared upon high.
Evil and atonement, all enduring,
Sheild unveiled, sang as she slew.

Forth rode the queen, warrior golden,
Tears abandoned, thoughts unchained.
Child of the North Wind, answered the blood-oath,
Steelsheen singing with proud eyes.
With war cry on her lips, faced the herald of death,
The eagle, stricken as she fell.”