In A Land Where No Mallorn Tree Grew

A song I sang of silver ships, and silver ships there came.
A wind blew chill in everdark,where stars like silver flame.
In war torn lands of middle earth the sea birds wheeled and cried,
On silent shores I stood alone and watched the streaming tide.
Beyond the sun, beyond the moon, a grey ship came for me,
A grey ship came to bear me back across the shadowed sea.
And now I stand upon the shore and hear the white gulls call.
Rememb'ring how in Lorien my golden trees grew tall.
The sunlight in Lothlorien lit the Celebrant to flame,
And bright there shone my golden trees, and Mallorn was their name.
O Lorien! I knew thee once, O! sweet and far off shore,
Where once I twined a living crown of golden Elanor.
O Lorien! Your winter came, at last I turned away,
I could not bear to stay and watch thy golden leaves fall grey.
O Lorien! The brightest stars shine over Valinor,
Yet I still remember with regret my stary Elanor.
Here long the elven ships have sailed across the branching years,
But e'er like jewels into the sea have fallen elven tears.
And if of ships I now should sing, what ship would come to me?
What ship would bear me home again to Lorien the free?

- Evermind