Remember the willows that wept by the riverbank!
The river was swifter then, deeper and strong!
The slender brown leaves in the mirrored flood quavering,
Touching green tendrils to sun speckled stream!
Ah! Do you remember it?

Remember the oak trees that grew in the valley!
The leaves they were greener then, vibrant and young!
The smooth chestnut acorns in deep earth awakening,
Springing forth saplings that stretched to the skies!
Ah! Do you remember it?

Remember the rowans that bloomed on the mountain height!
The mountains were taller then, silent and proud!
The fire skinned berries on barren boughs reddening,
Crowning grey maidens with wreathes of bright flame!
Ah! Do you remember it?

Remember the beeches that guarded the forests then!
The forests were greater then, endless and strong!
The glossy green leaves in the western wind whispering,
Speaking with voices and knowing their name!
Ah! Do you remember it?

Remember the pine woods on mist shrouded hillsides!
The hills they were fairer then, younger and wild!
The dark scattered pinecones with silver dew glistening,
Resinous sap hanging sharp in the air!
Ah! Do you remember it?

Remember the days we spent idly wandering,
The sunlight is darker now, weary and pale.
The rain's bitter teardrops through empty woods echoing,
Forgotten, forsaken, the withered leaves fall.
Ah! Fimbrethil! Do you remember it?
Do you remember me?

- Evermind