Lament for Galadriel

Through Lorien the fair and free
where pale sun-star grows,
The North wind comes a walking
And through golden trees it goes.
"what news from the north, O mighty wind
do you bring to me this day?
What news of fair Galadriel
for she is long away?"
"I watched her dance 'neath fading trees,
By rivers rolling grey,
I watched her walk in Lorien
Until she passed away.
Beyond the borders of the North,
And now for her I mourn.
The South wind may have seen the light
Of the Queen of Celeborn."
"Galadriel! from Amroth's mound
Northward I looked afar.
But you came not to Lorien,
Where your own people are."

To the Tower of Guard, the South wind flies,
To Kings and crowns and thrones,
The mourning of the streams it bears
And at the gates it moans.
"What news from the South, O sighing wind
Do you bring to me at eve?
What news of wise Galadriel?
She tarries and I grieve."
"Ask not of me where she doth dwell,
Or whither she doth lie.
Beneath the trees, or stones, or seas,
Under the starry sky.
So many elves have passed away,
Beyond the seas afar.
The West wind may have heard the song
Of the foremother of Evenstar."
"Galadriel, I made my choice,
A choice I do not rue,
But you came not to the Tower of Guard,
Where still I wait for you."

To havens grey, the West wind comes,
From o'er the sundering seas,
And clear and cold it's tidings sends
To this land of failing trees.
"What news from the west, O blessed wind
Do you bring to me this night?
Have you seen Queen Galadriel,
By moon or by starlight?"
"From o'er the sea, I heard her song,
And at last found what I sought.
For she was sailing straight and true,
In a ship by Cirdan wrought.
A crown of flowers was on her brow,
A light was on her hair,
And in her eyes were tears of grief,
For Lorien the fair."
"Galadriel, the eyes of men
Will ever westward gaze,
To you, and golden Valinor,
Until the end of days."
- Evermind