Don't Say Goodbye

For Smeagol

There once was light and laughter,
Far back and long ago.
The years have left us forsaken,
Abandoned to the foe.
Once even we were loved, Precious,
By a mother who held us tight,
But now we wander lost, Precious,
Lost in the darkest night.
Once we had a home, Precious,
By the Great river swift and sure,
But the years have passed us swiftly by,
Like the river's unchanging roar.
Once we had a cousin,
That we loved above the earth,
But we have slain him, Precious,
Slain light and love and mirth.
Once our cousin found a curse,
A shining golden ring.
But the curse was not ours to own, Precious,
For it came from the red-eyed king.
The master is like our cousin,
Beautiful, brave and kind.
And we truly love the master,
For our fates are intertwined.
we have forgotten the light and the laughter,
Of far back and long ago,
But don't say we didn't try, Master
Though we cannot let go.
Keep my master safe, Precious
Don't hurt him as you have hurt me
And I may yet meet my master again,
Far beyond the undying sea.

- Evermind