White Flowers for a Warrior


"White flowers by the wayside cast,
Blossom in frozen hands clutched fast,
For us who pass them silent by,
Not weeping on our way to die.

Maiden's tears neath a mournful sky,
Blossom for those who go to die,
Naught to remember but bloodied bones,
And flowers broken on the stones,
A banner that ne'er again shall fly.

White flowers by the wayside lay,
Silent faces, eyes that pray,
Voices of loved ones who have died,
A brother who should be at my side,
Flowers fall upon the way.

White flowers and a child's cry,
Faces solemn neath a bloodied sky,
Blossoms crushed neath horses hooves,
Then a banner amidst the stillness moves,
Where if not here does my alleigance lie?"

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~


"White flowers by the wayside grow,
Amidst the barrows, row on row,
White flowers for a cousin's grave,
And those of warriors fair and brave,
Evermind blooms amidst the snow.

White flowers for my King's last ride,
The last defence 'gainst death's dark tide,
The hall shines golden in dawn's first light,
That will soon be drowned in deepest night,
And Evermind grows at the barrow side.

White flowers in a soldier's hand,
Silent sentinals by the barrows stand,
A faceless soldier without a name,
Seeking redemption in death's dark flame,
Evermind grows o'er the dying land.

White flowers for rememberance of the slain,
Comfort cold for those who remain,
A youthful soldier who will not bide,
A maiden's form with a warrior's pride,
Blossom for broken spirit's twain.

White flowers for the warriors."
- Evermind