Into the Fire

For Gollum
A.N: If you're squeamish about burning, go carefully. It's not particularly cheerful ...

Into the Fire

Into the fire.
A moment,
Poised upon the brink.
Bones, and terror, and dust.

(An immense conflagration,
said my Grandmother.
No one could feel it and live.)

Red, gleeful, hungry flame.
Molten fire, with the weight of stone.
Gladly she leaps to meet us.
The air is burning.
Burning, from the inside out.
And the Precious screams.

Into the fire.
Ach! My handses!
Precious, burning hotter than the flame,
Searing in my grasp.
Skin blisters, blackens, breaking.
We burn, screaming, writhing;
But Precious is the only pain.

Bright gold clinging to my fingers
Our skin is gone.
Blood runs with boiling gold.
The fire takes us both together.

And we know that we are dead.

- Evermind