For the Sons of Feanor

Maedhros I was named.
I was the betrayer.
Who was redeemed
Only to betray myself.

Caranthir I once was.
The dark, the cruel.
I who was slain
By my own foolish pride.

Curufin I was.
Snared in an evil I did not create,
And yet I played my part
Only too well.

Celegorm they called me.
I who was the craftsman,
The greatest in skill of all my father's sons
And yet all I made was cursed.

Amrod of old I was named.
Most valient and most foolish son.
Who followed my father, heedless
To find my own destruction.

Amras my name was.
Who perished in the kindling of the war.
Hating myself, my kindred,
And hating still more my accursed oath.

Once I was a minstrel.
Maglor the mightiest of singers.
Who now is left alone
Without even a song.
- Evermind