As A Father

- Evermind
As a father you were to me,
For but a little while.
Remembering your kindly face,
Eyes lifted in a smile.

Remembering your kingly grace,
Your hair like fallen snow,
Truly havwe I lost a father indeed,
And the noblest friend I know.

Like a god of old you seemed to be,
Glorious as Orome the Great.
And the sound of your horn was as music,
To conquer the darkest hate.

Victorious you rode through the battle,
White horses uplifted and brave.
Now silent I kneel 'mongst the evermind,
That covers a warrior's grave.

Your banner ran swift beside you,
And foundering, the black serpent fled.
Yet this is but bitter knowledge,
For my king and father lies dead.

I stood by you in that last defeat,
When the brave sunlight fell from the skies.
I saw you avenged by a golden maid,
Watched you closing your failing eyes.

I sit now smoking my pipe in peace,
Remembering that fateful day,
And my tears fall like rain on the evermind,
Saying more than my words can say.