Even Elbereth Weeps

Cast broken upon the mountainside, at last, forsaken, the wanderer sleeps,
And sorrowing, she watches him, as o'er the land the shadow creeps.
The violent scars adorn him still, of knife and sting and heavy load,
Now unrestrained the fires leap beneath his dark and treacherous road.
Tormented dreams of shadowland, enroaching dark and flaming eye,
Where caught fast in the wheel of fire, his final eventide draws nigh.
His angel's face ravaged and drawn, and at his breast, the fatefull ring,
Clutched tight in blood stained, broken hands, such a precious little thing.
His eyes that fire and sworn have seen, and horror in the halls of stone,
Shut tight against oppressive dark, forgetting all that once was known.
The burden bourne, the lidless eye, which now it's bitter conquest reaps,
And wacthing, Varda, the Queen of stars, even Elbereth weeps.

- Evermind