Boromir and the Butterfly

- Evermind

Do you remember
My brother and the butterfly?
Darting flash of sapphire through the air.
He leapt so high to grasp it
You thought that he would fall,
And raced to catch him,
Lifted him so high he was the butterfly,
Dancing on azure wings.

Do you remember
My mother in the cornfield?
Wading in a sea of rustling gold.
She wove a necklace out of daisy stems.
There were red flowers in the collar of her smock.
You chased me 'till I ran and hid behind her skirt,
And you both laughed at me.

Do you remember
The white horse who tore his chest upon a briar?
You fed him sugar. Laughed when I cried out against the tiny scratch of blood.
You called me 'Little Father', for my tenderness.
And my brother was your Little Warrior.

Do you remember
How you carried us home, both together?
My brother in your arms, me on your shoulders.
The highest place in all my world.
And mother paused beside the road to show us
A blue butterfly, nestling in a rose.
Do you remember?

Your eyes shine bright now.
Not with the tears which shone upon my mother's grave,
Nor raging as you beheld the cloven horn, the shattering of your glass oblivion.
But with a fire which contains no spark of memory.
Your knife gleams wicked in the torch's flame.

If you murder me, will anyone be left
Who remembers my brother and the butterfly?