My Brother

My Brother, thou art forsaken,
Lost by the shoreless sea.
You smiled at us as you rode away,
And came never back to me.
My Brother, I dreamt I saw thee,
Lying still in a warrior's grave,
A smile upon thy stricken face,
As you sank beneath the wave.
My Brother, I thought I heard thy call,
From the high seat of Amon Lhaw,
But the river brought me a broken horn,
And it will wind no more.
My Brother, I dreamt you wept for me,
Shinning tears upon my face,
But when I awoke there was no one,
For none can take thy place.
My Brother, I find myself crying,
Asking thee what will become
Of the tree and the tower and the stewards,
But thy face is pale and dumb.
My Brother, my teacher, my captain,
Wilt thou stay for me?
Wilt thou wait at the doors of Mandos,
As I would wait for thee?
My Brother, my tears fall like silver,
And the battle will never be won,
'Till I hear again at sunrise
The horn of the eldest son.
My Brother, brave son of Gondor,
Thy people weep for thee,
But my brother will ne'er return again,
From o'er the shoreless sea.

- Evermind